Outside Former students

Dear Editor-in-Chief,I have written plenty of articles for the Famuan in the past. I would think that when I email you all about an interest in writing more articles for the paper, that I would be welcomed with open arms. Unfortunately that has not happened. Despite my two graduations, I am still highly interested in writing for the opinion section of the Famuan or being a staff writer. There are issues and praises that I have faced being a graduate of FAMU that I feel I can share with the current students at FAMU. I have even had an article in the LOOK magazine, which is catered to HBCU and based out of Atlanta. All it took was for Cecil to see my passion and I was on an assignment the very next day. My article debuted in the current issue with Eva on the cover. So my request to you would be to allow alumni to send in articles to appear in the Famuan newspaper. It would help the student body and staff, not hurt them.

Faithful Alumni,Erica Dickens