The Hiss: What’s going on in the bizz

Celebrities have been known to fill the magazines and newspaper columns with their tawdry lives. This month, R. Kelly is the celebrity in the limelight.

R. Kelly’s wife recently filed an order of protection against him, citing physical abuse, among other things, only to drop the order later.

R. Kelly may soon be back in court. Rapper Cam’ron is suing R. Kelly over songwriting credits for the song “Snake.”

Cam’ron claims the song was a joint effort in which he wrote part of the intro and the whole third verse. The rapper’s songwriting contribution wasn’t noted in R. Kelly’s video collection “R. Kelly: The R. in R&B,” but was noted only as a featured performer.

On another note, R. Kelly plan’s to release all 12 chapters of his “Trapped in the Closet” on DVD Nov. 1, 2005.

Many wonder if these 12 chapters mark the end of his ongoing soap opera-like series of songs. Fans would have to wait to find out what becomes of the series’ characters.

Speaking of possibilities, could it be that we will wind up seeing Common in the next big summer blockbuster? He said that he’s started taking acting classes.

Common is doing big things. Not only is he interested in acting, but his tour with Kanye West is set to begin Oct. 11, and end sometime in December.

West, who was assumed to have lost his contract with Pepsi, for his controversial comment about president Bush, also has some good news of his own.

He, according to Pepsi’s Public Relations Manager Nicole Bradley, has not lost his contract. She pointed out the fact that he is still in numerous Pepsi commercials playing on countless television stations.

Kanye isn’t the only one playing on stations across the US, at least not for long.

In January 2006, Ludacris is set to have his own weekly radio program on an XM satellite radio station.

The program will be entitled, “Disturbing Tha Peace Presents Ludacris’ Open Mic.”

It is said to feature a variety of music, interviews, special guest, and selected songs from his own collection.

Being on the radio is not new to the rapper who used to be a radio personality before he made it big.

Something that is new though, is a fan attacking a rapper and nearly biting their finger off, but that is what happened to Bone Thugs-N-Harmony member Layzie Bone.

The man wound up biting into Layzie’s finger, all the way to the bone.

In an even stranger twist, after the man was held down for police, he was not arrested. Authorities say that Layzie Bone refused to press charges or even cooperate with police.

Lastly, a movie script written by the late Tupac Shakur is said to become a film. Shakur wrote the script in 1995 and centered the story around a young man who works his way to the top of the drug world, then turns his life around.

Shooting is scheduled to start in March 2006 for the script entitled “Live 2 Tell”.

It is being developed by Insomnia Media Group, which purchased the rights to the script from Tupac’s mother, Afeni Shakur.

Preston Holmes, who was the associate producer of “Hustle and Flow,” will produce the film. 

For now, that’s all. But fear not because, as always celebrities give folks something to talk about day after day.

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