Star’s illiteracy brings crisis to light

Recently, platinum selling artist Fantasia Barrino admitted to being illiterate.

All the while, she signed recording contracts and sang all over the world, but lacks the ability to read and write.

It is surprising that someone can slip through the cracks of the U.S. education system and not be prepared with the motor skills to progress he or she through society.

We guess with the comment made by the former U.S. Department of Education Secretary William Bennett, it’s not surprising that Fantasia and many others have been failed by the education system.

It would be nice if people would realize you won’t be able to get the most out of life without the proper education and knowledge.

It seems somewhat backward that in perhaps the most powerful country in the world, there are still people who lack basic literacy skills.

Why is it that in America, you can be a multi-millionaire with the literacy rate of a two-year-old?

If Fantasia could slip through the cracks, one has to wonder if there are students on our very own campus who cannot read or write, but are still passed on to the next level.

Although the literacy rate of the U.S. is at 97 percent, there are three percent too many out there who cannot comprehend words and language.

In the state of Florida, out of the people that receive financial assistance, 43 percent of them have low literacy and did not graduate from high school.

People should realize that literacy and jobs coincide with one another.

If you don’t get an education, there is less hope for you to gain the financial backing to support yourself or your family.

Education is an option that is open to everyone and it takes more of an education to become successful.

We should want more out of life seeing that our ancestors fought and worked for us to have the chance.