Bennett’s statement offend’s students

FAMU and the black community have been in an uproar since the former U.S. Department Secretary of Education William Bennett said aborting “every black baby in this country” would reduce the crime rate.

We at The Famuan newspaper do not agree with Bennett’s statement and feel he should be removed from his job at once. It is horrible to think what else U.S. government officials think and say about the black community behind the scenes.

This weekend, WANM 90.5 opened commentary on the matter and informed students of this issue facing the black community. Many upset callers plan to write letters and e-mails to the radio station about their apparent disappointment.

This issue brings back to mind when Kanye West said “Bush doesn’t care about black people” and the reaction the news world had on it. Bennett’s statement is barely seen or heard on any news programming. Many commentators said West’s career was over and that he should lose all of his endorsements, but when a government official speaks of causing a mass genocide on the black race there is nothing but silence.

This issue needs to be brought to light so we all can see what kinds of people are running our government. More than ever, we as blacks need to band together and fight this to make sure nothing like this is said again.

It is a shame that a man like this was head of the education system of everyone, not just Whites.

This incident is not only a bad reflection on William Bennett but on human race. Racism is ignorant and ridiculous and needs to be put to rest.