Students kicked out of reception

The State of the Black Student Summit panel discussion was an excellent event put on by our Student Government Association.

The panelists were from a wide variety of fields, such as education, entertainment, politics and social sciences.

At the conclusion of the summit, the announcement was made that everyone was invited to the reception.

We proceeded to the President’s Mansion, and after eagerly awaiting the opportunity to engage the renowned panelists in conversation, I was informed that the general student population was not invited to participate in the reception held at the President’s Mansion.

Then we were escorted out by the police department.

What makes me or any other student less of a leader just because we are not currently a part of the SGA?

The reception was apparently only for panelists and the members of our highly esteemed Student Government Association.

I applaud SGA for utilizing my Activities and Service Fees for such a groundbreaking summit.

It is encouraging to know that my beloved FAMU is going to continue to shed light on the conditions of the black student.

I was appalled by the treatment that not only myself but other students experienced at the reception immediately following the discussion. community.

After the unnecessary embarrassment of being thrown out of the President’s Mansion, my friend, who was eager to begin volunteering with SGA, was discouraged and disgusted.

Is there a “general student” line in the Financial Aid office? When I graduate from this prestigious university, will I receive a general student degree?

This is 2005, and it is sad that in the midst of everything that is going on in the world, we as black students are practicing elitism instead of trying to unite and tackle some of the issues that plague the black community.

If they wanted to have a private reception, why did they use my money to fund it and then have me removed?

SGA President Ramon Alexander told me that there was a misunderstanding, and that the reception was open to all students.

If that was the case, why were there angry students being denied access into the reception?

The State of the Black Student Summit was an excellent platform for the emerging leaders of today and tomorrow to meet and discuss strategies to further the causes of black students.

I commend SGA Vice President Phillip Agnew for his apology. Thanks SGA for the eventful evening!

Kimberly Black is a fourth-year international agricultural business student from Arlington, Tx. She can be reached at