Packing with intelligence is essential for any road trip

Yes it is that time again; time for the football game road trips, a time for students to have that last bit of fun before classes get overwhelming.

This weekend the mighty Rattlers of Florida A&M University travel to Miami to take on the Golden Panthers of Florida International University.

But, this weekend is not just about football, because after the sun goes down and the game is well over, the real partying begins.

Miami has a variety of dance clubs, live music, malls and downtown bars for students to embrace the nightlife.

With the action-packed weekend vastly approaching, one must not forget to pack the essential necessities for a fun-filled weekend of unforgettable memories.

Here is a list of ten must-have items for men and women when going on road trips.

Men1. Money- Miami is not cheap, and neither is a good time.2. Toiletries- Lets keep it clean fellas. 3. Nice cloths- You came to Miami to have fun, so please try to look good.4. Clean shoes- No one wants to look down at you and your shoes are dirty. It is a major turn-off.5. Cologne- You have to smell good for the ladies.6. Clean Car- Nothing is worse than a guy in a dirty vehicle.7. Condoms- Lets keep it safe.8. ID Card.9. Good Music- For the possible traffic and highway driving.10. Cell phone- Going away for the weekend is always a good time to meet new people.

Women1. Money- Don’t expect to get paid for, the whole weekend.2. Cell phone- Who knows you might meet someone worth talking to while on vacation. 3. Toiletries- Lets keep it clean ladies.4. Nice, fashionable outfits – For “going out” purposes.5. Condoms- Don’t rely on someone else to have your health in mind.6. Curling Iron- For emergency hair maintenance.7. Car- Girls need to have their own mode of transportation too.8. Accessories- Sometimes it is the little things we wear, not the obvious, that makes our outfit stand out.9. Perfume- It is always nice to leave a unique long-lasting scent.10. ID Card

The ultimate goal of going to the Miami this weekend, besides the football game, is having a good story to add to your college memories Road trips are the moment that you’ll remember when juggling a spouse and two kids . What better way to start off than being prepared for road trips.

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