New Orleans chief bails on residents

Just when we thought that the matters of New Orleans were resolved, another one arises.

On Tuesday, N.O. Police Chief Eddie Compass stepped down from his position after 26 years on the police force.

The reasons for his resignation are uncertain. Nevertheless, New Orleans is in dire need of a leader, especially in police enforcement.

“Every man in a leadership position must know when it’s time to hand over the reins,” said Compass.

To make matters worse, just a few days after Hurricane Katrina, more than 120 police officers left the police force for undisclosed reasons.

Out of all the times that the victims have needed help and a watchful eye over them now is the time! With the recent fraudulent employees of FEMA stealing identities from helpless evacuees, a good police enforcement leader is what will help the situation.

It’s understandable that a person who has seen so much death and turmoil occur in a city would probably be physically, mentally and spiritually drained from this tragedy. It takes a strong soul and person to endure the struggles of this natural disaster.

Some citizens of New Orleans feel the resignation of police officers was needed. “It’s about time,” said Larry Smit, a construction company owner. “Get rid of all of them. They ain’t doing anything.”

It would have been nice if Compass had stayed and continued to work with N.O. Mayor Ray Nagin to reduce the corruption and inhumane violence in this once lively city.

It is bad enough that the citizens are not safe as it is, but much worse when your own police chief fails to deliver.