Leon County teacher pay increase overdue

The Tallahassee Democrat reported Thursday that Leon County teachers would receive a retroactive pay raise and an improved health plan. Beginning teacher’s salaries will be increased from $29,000 to $30, 650 per year and current teachers’ increases will range from $1,650 to $2,800.

Although this means that Leon County teachers will still earn about $5,000 less than the national average, it is an improvement.

Health plans have also been improved to allow teachers more options such as the ability to continue to receive their health insurance through the school district after retiring.

The new salary and benefits package will cost the district about $5.5 million this year.

The Famuan applauds this pay increase and looks forward to more in the future.

Teachers spend their own money to buy supplies for the classroom. They trudge home at night with armloads of papers to grade. They put up with rude and poorly raised children. They stand in the rain on bus duty and make sure we are safe.

Teachers should be paid more, because they spend their lives preparing everyone else for theirs. Performers such as athletes and musicians are paid ridiculous sums to entertain us, and teachers are left by the wayside because their jobs are not as glamorous.

Fortunately for all of us, people continue to be drawn to teaching as an occupation. But counties across the nation face scarcities that are sure to rise unless salaries are increased to encourage more into the profession.

Five million dollars is a small investment when you think of all the capital it will yield in the form of future scholars.