Healthy habits key for young adults in college

Proper dieting techniques are vital in the lives of college students to ensure a healthy lifestyle and to assist in preventing the onset of illnesses common to unhealthy dietary practices.

According to a 2002 Collegiate Presswire, results from “Tufts Longitudinal Health Study” showed eating habits established during the college years could accelerate the onset of diseases, such as cardiovascular disease and cancer.

“Setting goals will allow you to better go about adhering to behavioral changes necessary to maintaining a healthy lifestyle,” said James, a registered dietitian/nutrition-support representative for, an online diet program that generates meal plans.

James, who was not authorized to disclose his last name due to company policy, has been employed nearly four months.

Exercise is an essential but often underestimated part of diet success. “Often people do not have the motivation to maintain a diet, but with goal-setting it is possible,” he said.

According to experts, staying in tune with your body and its functioning can aid longevity.

“College students need to consume a healthy diet, because the food that you eat affects your mental, spiritual, emotional and physical ability,” said Evelyn Gordon, a certified nutritionist and colon therapist.

Gordon said college students can be more successful in their studies when they are properly nourishing their bodies.

“If it is not fresh food, it is not in its most natural state and it is compromised in terms of the nutrients that are going into the body,” Gordon said.

Due to the busy and nontraditional schedules of college students, some find it impossible to eat healthy.

“Keep fresh fruits and vegetables on hand; students can keep raw vegetable snacks around to munch on throughout the day,” Gordon said.

Gordon wants people of African descent to recognize the importance of the melanin that is carried within the body, which contributes to brain power. She said melanin is more than a substance that gives color to the skin. It has many other affects on the body, from vision, to physical and mental abilities.

“When students are not nourishing themselves properly, their melanin is compromised, creating a possible problem for their immune system as well,” Gordon said.

Students agree that proper dieting techniques are important.

“It is very important to keep the body healthy, because it sets precedents on the continuation of life,” said Samuel Prime, 22, a Florida State junior English and studio arts student from Miami.

“It is useful for college students to practice proper dieting techniques now, so when they get older a routine has already been instilled,” said 19-year-old Brittney Simmons, a sophomore public relations student from Apalachicola, Fla.

“Consistency is important in maintaining a proper diet practice,” she said.

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