State of the Black Student Summit

Overall, I thought the summit was very well put together, however, some things should be addressed constructively.

I, along with most of the people sitting around me, felt that that MAIN TOPIC of the summit was decidedly left out of most of the summit. I placed a bet with 2 of my friends that we would hear the word “rims” at least once during the summit, and sure enough, we did. I was pleased with the use of the students as moderators, but we should get some CAPABLE students to moderate, and keep the panelists on topic.

Also, saving seats should NOT be acceptable. I was sitting directly behind the SGA in the front left, and after they INVITED us to fill in the open seats from latecomers and absentees, they then actually DEMANDED that two of the students be removed from the saved seats that were offered to them. Honestly, I was kind of hoping they would approach me to give up my seat, so that I could air out whoever said it. If we have this kind of arrangement when Cornell West is here, I’m predicting a MAJOR scuffle.