FAMU leadership hand picked for what good or what bad???


FAMU, the second largest Traditionally Black Land Grant University in the US and one of the most important economic and educational engines in the Tallahassee Area has been the focus of the media attention for some time. There is not one citizen Black or white who has not tried to come to some real and logical answers about the highly visible activities in FAMU’s reorganization. What is going on?

There are some historical activities that although are seemly unrelated may hold the answers to FAMU tumultuous agony.

· In 2000 the Governor was caught on TV saying to two Black Legislators, “Get their Black a_ _ es out of his office.”

· In 2000 the Governor was caught on TV saying to some FAMU students, who were demonstrating on the capital grounds in the presidential election, “Get their Black A_ _ es off the capital rounds”

· In 2001 the Governor was alleged to have said that he would not forget FAMU for their activities doing the election 2000.

· In 2001 then Humphries, president of FAMU resigned.

· In 2004 the Governor was reported by The St. Petersburg Times, The Tallahassee Democrat, Palm Beach Post, Orlando Sentinel, etc. to have “Hand Picked” the present interim President as acting until January 2006. (The question here is why her and for what reason??)

· The present interim president has replaced most all of FAMU’s existing leadership, many subordinate staff at times using a personal sole appointment procedure in neglect of normal procedures which normally include the participation of both faculty and Board.

· FAMU lost between 15 and 30% of its student enrollment along with the $13,720 per student that they would have brought He University is income.

Inquiring, loyal, and patriotic FAMUan and citizen have the right to ask what is going on at FAMU? The critical power holders that made these decisions (e.g. Governor, Board of Trustees, and Leadership) should tell the public

· 1.What are the political objectives and motives provided to the appointments?

· 2. What are the expected Educational and economic objectives of their decisions?

· 3. Is the out come of these activities to dissolve FAMU as an institution or to strengthen this institution?

· 4.What special talents. experiences and education does the interim leadership have that makes them qualified to reorganize this valuable institution of higher education?

The answers to these serious questions must be more than providing more questions such as;

· 1. Are you questioning my integrity? Or

· 2. Are you questioning my moral motives?

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