University leaders unite for cause

Given a completely different form or appearance; transform…this is a dictionary definition of the process of change. Change is a process and it is a process that can never be timed or perfectly mapped out. What change produces is never an end product but it produces another process known to us as transformation.

At Florida A&M University, change is something that seems to be embedded into biographical bloodstream.

Change seems to be something that the school has never been able to control. Some changes have helped the University more than others, but now it seems that FAMU will undergo the process of transformation. I am not saying this to discredit our forefathers, but to say that up until now the University has been going through a series of changes and now will be transformed. A strong reason for us reaching this process most believe is the administration of Dr. Castell Bryant.

“Change is inevitable and can be hard to adapt to, but change will always be difficult to understand when it comes at you fast,” stated Ramon Alexander. Alexander the Student Government President said that Dr. Bryant has come in and taken a strong approach towards the internal problems of the university. “Dr. Bryant and I may not agree on everything, but we both realize that there is a bigger picture,” he said. “This is bigger than her or myself.” Alexander went on to say that Bryant is a very effective leader and a good decision maker. He also informed me that Bryant has some of the highest expectations of her administration and during her tenure he has learned a lot from her.

Dr. Dorothy Henderson, the Dean of the School of General Studies has aligned herself to be considered an advocate of the Bryant administration.

“Dr. Bryant cares for the whole University including the faculty, the staff and mainly the students” she said. Henderson spoke positively of Bryant saying that with Bryant, priority always comes first.

“She is making the situation better for the next president,” Henderson stated.

Student Government Vice-President, Phillip Agnew, says that she is very student conscious which is the best thing for FAMU students. “Her no-tolerance administration has collectively made FAMU a better school and opened doors for future success.” Agnew said that he and Dr. Bryant may not always see eye to eye with each other but that has never stopped them from working together. “Dr. Bryant’s open door policy has given Ramon (Alexander) and myself more of an opportunity to discuss any issues that we may have” said Agnew. With many students and even staff members still question Dr. Bryant’s administration, Agnew encourages those who do to talk with her.

“She is very open to ideas that we may have and has been willing to listen to what we have to say.” Agnew informed me that it has been a true learning process while working with Dr. Bryant and he has enjoyed her time as president.

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