Love conquers long distance

Do you remember your high school sweetheart? Everyone has or had one; that special someone from back in the day.

Although some end their relationships after high school, some stay persistent in their love for one another.

There are various ways to approach a long distance relationship. Whatever the case may be, I feel that as long as there are students going to college, there will be students pursuing long distance relationships.

The chances of most of them actually working out for the best are slim to none.

In rare situations, some may come out of college still in love and on the road to long-awaited happiness while others may take different paths once they prepare for the next phase of life. Although it sounds nice, it takes hard work from both people to have a successful long distance relationship.

. The worst-case scenario is that you and your partner may find out that you despise each other.

No one in a long distance relationship wants to hear that it will ever end or that they’ll have to be just friends, but it happens. Sometimes what a person wants is not always what is best for them. To avoid losing their special connection, both people involved need to be willing to take on whatever challenges come along with the experience. 

Communication is the key! Communication is vital to trust, loyalty and most importantly, happiness.

Nowadays love just isn’t enough to keep relationships together, especially when there’s a 300-mile gap. Both the male and the female have to be mature enough to trust and be trusted. 

Those who easily become jealous have to be careful to maintain a sense of security. No one likes an insecure boyfriend or girlfriend. Often times, insecurities will make for a swift ending. While in college both people will form relationships with new people, including members of the opposite sex.

That’s what college is all about: networking, taking on new challenges and meeting new people. The college experience would not be complete without these three essential elelments.

I feel that if two people can stay together through such difficulties while maintaining their trust that it is great. It is important to remember that it will rain, but after the rain comes joy

Most married people don’t have to endure such harsh obstacles.

So if you have found someone worth putting in the time and effort for then you must give it your all and trust that they are doing the same. 

Brandi Boyd is a third-year public relations student from Atlanta. She can be reached at