Katrina victim fraud a shame

We all would think throughout these several difficult weeks that Hurricane Katrina evacuees would be grateful for any good deeds they receive.

But unfortunately, recipients of disaster relief aid have been fraudulently receiving funds.

We would hope that these disaster-stricken people would use their hearts and moral judgement not to scam the people that have helped them, but apparently, that has not been the case.

Many Americans have sacrificed and donated millions of dollars to help these people but victims seem to counteract the help by trying to receive insufficient funds from organizations such as the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

FEMA leaders said the crooks are referring to themselves as “FEMA Procurement Officers,” positons that do not even exist within the organization.

FEMA officials said that armed people that claim to be from the agency having been approaching other victims, and asking for photo identifications in order to steal money from the organization, which is strange because FEMA officials do not carry weapons.

It is a shame that these people will stoop so low to try to bribe innocent victims, like themselves, in order to steal from an organization built to aid them in this economic struggle.

If FEMA supplies aid to those in Texas that have suffered from Hurricane Rita, hopefully the same acts do occur with those victims.

It is unfortunate that people don’t realize blessings that we receive in order to help one another but because of selfishness and lack of morality, people decide to thieve and steal from those who need help themselves.

People from celebrities to everyday working stiffs have given to the New Orleans and Mississippi relief and it is like a slap in the face that people would want to steal because of greed.

In the wake of the tragedy, we thought that Americans have realized the value of life and each other, however, that will only be realized in a utopian society and will probably will never be a consensus view.

At one point the saying went, “Steal from the rich, give the poor.” The rules must have changed to “Steal from the poor, to make you rich.”