Strike Team Attack

What is with this sudden attack on the FAMU Strike Team? Why are we suddenly being blamed for things we have no control over. Lets start with last Friday’s (September 16, 2005) article written by Mr. Marcus Calhoun. Although he did not mention the Strike Team by name in the article, on the front page of the paper was our picture with the caption underneath reading “A student draws attention to … Children cover your ears”. The chant “FAM g*****n U” is in no way associated with the Strike Team and we were very insulted The FAMUAN would suggest such a thing. The Strike Team has never used that as one of its chants and has never started the chant at any function. That chant has been around long before the existance of the Strike Team and will continue to be in existance for years to come. Then on Wednesday (September 21, 2005) I open the paper to see the article, “School Pride Taken Too Far”. How dare anyone suggest the altercation that happened during half time at the Howard game had anything to do with the Strike Team. First off, we have not said, “Left, right, left,… sit down b***h,” since Spring Semester 2004. The school came to us and asked if we not say that anymore because many people did find it disrespectful and we have not said it since. We can not be held responsible for those people outside of the Strike Team who insist on still saying that word. We can not be held responsible for the actions of the entire student body and we will not accept being blamed for those things we have no control over. Furthurmore, we are not doing anything differently then any other pep squad in the nation. Check out the Seminole fans and see how “well behaved” we are compared to them. We are the number one organization on this campus, we are the reason MTVu was here last semester, and the reason ESPNU was here for the first home game this year. We have many alumni come to us and tell us we’re the reason they even come to the games and other words of encouragement, but our own fellow classmates would rather talk negatively about us than find out what we’re really all about. Instead of always tearing us down, how about you try lifting us up and shedding some good light on one of the great things at FAMU. And by the way, there is no such thing as having too much school spirit. I bet you won’t get crunk.

FAMU Strike Team Treasurer,Dawn Patrick

(317) 431-54023113 Pontiac Dr. Tallahassee, FL