Warrior Spirit?

Are you serious? As a responsible Black adult and parent of a FAMU student, I could not beleive the comment that Mr. Muhammad said he believes that black youth need to become warriors….and to give the example, ” “I’m from New York and there are stories of 12-year-olds killing people with no emotion, no remorse. That’s powerful- that’s a warrior spirit,” he said.

Maybe, I missed something but killings by anyone at any age is not showing a “Warrior spirit”, only a lack of value of life and lack of values within our society. A more powerful statement for and by a 12 year old would be to study the history of our people, get a good education, and aspire to become a responsible adult contributing to society. Just the thought of a 12 year killing…there’s too much of that in the Black community already. College students like Mr. Muhammad should be seeking “powerful” ways to ensure that the 12 year olds do not have options like killing anyone!

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