SGA: Recluse or Reform?

A lot has gone on in Student Government in the last few months.

The validity of the Senate President election, scandal of last years presidential election and the firing of Student Activities Director, Ms.


For all who are not familiar with SGA, expect a lot of drama, drama and more drama to plague our campus.

The Presidential Inauguration held at Lee Hall a few weeks ago, raised a lot of eyebrows, especially in knowing who the Senate President candidate was.

A little known fact is at the end of the spring semester, the Judicial branch of SGA ruled the re-election of the 35th Student Senate President invalid, which at that time went in favor of Senator Candice Elliott. Since the second election was ruled invalid, Senator Keon Hardemon was sworn in as this year’s Senate President.

In my opinion, that was a very shady period in SGA. With me being in SGA at that time, there was a lot of animosity and splits among the governmental student body.

In the SGA presidential election, we all know there were allegations thrown around that the election was fixed in favor of the AAA Administration; which almost led to a new staff in Student Government. There will always be speculations around that election, but I feel the candidates, especially the A&W ticket, handled it well.

The J-Branch really did not look into the conspiracy of the elections as they were supposed to. I assume they thought students would forget about the scandal and possible re-election of the SGA President and Vice-President… But at least I didn’t forget!

The scandal behind the voting of the Senate President was handled quickly and efficiently. But when it came to fixing the broken SGA Presidential election, it was not handled properly. Unfortunately, there were personal conflicts and subjectivities that caused the matter to be handled the way it was.

Senator Torey Alston, former SGA presidential candidate, could have appealed the SGA Presidential race but instead, he brushed it off and still serves as a Senior Senator. It would not hurt to try again, if he wants to make a change in SGA.

Also, some of this year’s SGA staff are inexperienced and lack true knowledge of their positions.

I really want SGA to have more communication with the student body and stop letting personal goals, aspirations and feelings be the catalyst to bias activity.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not taking any sides. I am looking at it from an angle of a concerned student with a voice on the way his government has been running. It is just a thought!

Nyerere Davidson is a third-year public relations student from Milwaukee.He can be reached