New buildings in bloom

FAMU has many campus additions in place, developing various new buildings and renovations during the current school year.

Many members of the student body and faculty have noticed the construction workers, trucks, and equipment strategically placed around the University.

The University recently opened the journalism building and is working on a new recreation center and the renovations of some on campus dormitories.

Currently FAMU is in the process of erecting a new recreation complex.

Director of the Department of Facilities Planning Samuel Houston said, “The Recreation Complex is in the process of being built on the corner of Wahnish Way and Osceola Street and plans to house office space, weight rooms, and rooms for dance and aerobics.

Houston said the Department of Facilities Planning should finish constructing the new recreation center by mid December of this school year.

The Recreation Complex to the University campus.

Recently completed, the roughly $25 million, 104,000 square foot journalism building is already home to the campus media offices and many journalism classes have moved into the building. Though the new building is now open, Houston said the structure is not fully furnished yet.

“Right now we are actually in the process of receiving funding to finish furnishing the building and purchase a brand new printing press,” Houston said.

Many other changes are imminent on campus.

Renovations to Diamond Hall and a new central chilled water unit for the surrounding female dormitories are in place.

The University also plans to develop a multipurpose gymnasium and build a new DRS High School.

Many students are awaiting the new campus additions.

Junior business administration student, Melynie Adams said, “I think that it’s good for African American schools to expand and I think we should also look into renovating the buildings we already have.” Adams, a 20-year-old student from New Orleans also said, “I would like to see another larger commons area other than ‘the Set’ and the Orange Room.”

Jennifer Triplett, a freshman biology student said, “I’ve heard through word of mouth from upperclassmen (about) plans for expansion. At my T.O.P.S. session I heard they were building the rec complex for African American students to stay in shape and be active.”

Triplett, a 19-year-old from Rochester, N.Y. said she likes the changes, but would just like to see more sidewalks, “especially around the E-classrooms.”

Darien Brooks, a 21-year-old education student from Jacksonville, said he is excited about the upcoming recreation center.

“I heard they were building a recreational complex, and I think it’s a great idea, because the fitness center we have now is too small for the number of students here,” Brooks said.

“I haven’t seen many improvements construction wise since I’ve been here except for the expansion in the library, and I would like to have another parking garage,” Brooks added.

Houston, a FAMU alum, said since he has been here, the University has grown tremendously with the new pharmacy building and renovations on several buildings including Jackson Davis and SBI.Houston considers the word of mouth concerning construction around campus healthy.

“As we continue to expand physically, we are also growing as a University and talk about building and change is always positive,” Houston said.

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