Tallahasse offers big taste in a little city

While Tallahassee is not known for its big city appeal, it is known for some of the best cuisine this side of the Mason-Dixon Line.

Although some food chains such as Olive Garden and Carrabba’s Italian Grill are known for their popularity, some others will entice your apetitite and introduce you to some of the best food in Tallahassee by word of mouth and a voyage of each continent.

The first stop is India. Reangthai Thai Cuisine provides the taste of Thailand without the passport. Reangthai offers an array of hot spicy dishes from Thai. Curries, salads, soups, noodles, rice, stir-frys, Chef’s nightly specials and a wide array of vegetarian delights are some of them.

Best suggested pick: the Chicken Masaman Curry dish. This dish provides a flavor of tamarine juice and roasted peanuts over a bed of curried chicken.

The next stop in the Far East is Japan’s Osaka Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar. For all of the sushi lovers, Osaka aims to please. This steakhouse and sushi bar provides a blended theme of Japanese culture and modernity.

The steak is stir-fried or sautéed in your presence and the service is worth a five star rating.

The sushi is of pure delight and the price will not leave your pockets full of lint.

Best suggested pick: Dragon Roll. It is a California roll covered with grouper and wasabi sauce.

Moving from Japan to Europe, the food is fulfilling but can leave you feeling broke.

Momo’s Pizza, located on West Tennessee Street and open seven days a week, offers great pizza at an even better price. Their most popular item is the Pepperoni Pizza starting at $2.95 per slice.

Their calzone’s, sometimes referred to as pockets, are $6.50 and include 2 toppings. The prices may fit any college student’s budget with a range from $2.95, to $20 for an extra large pizza with four toppings.

Our next stop in Europe is France. France is synonymous in the Tallahassee community with the name Chez Pierre.

Chez Pierre offers French cuisine with southern delight. Favorites among patrons include the duck, lamb and garlicky escargot. A recommendation would be the fruit du mer cocktail, which is a martini glass filled with shrimp, crab claws and lobster medallions.

Chez Pierre provides the ambience as the perfect place for celebration or the most intimate dining experience. Remember to leave the frugality at home and carry your plastic and cash, because the price of food is not light on your wallet.

Now it is time to jet set to the West Indies, and there is no better place in town to make you feel like you are in the Caribbean other than G&G Jamaican Restaurant.

Their most popular dish is the curried chicken, with rice and peas and fried banana. The price ranges are most accommodating from $3.75 for a medium dish to $5.90 for a large.

G&G Jamaican restaurant is located right in the heart of Tallahassee on Tennessee Street and Macomb.

South of the border is where college students may go to plunder and binge on margaritas; Mexico.

Los Compadres Mexican Restaurant located on John Knox Road offers a two for one on Wednesday nights and an all you can eat for a little over $7. They offer chicken tacos and chile rellenos.

Heading back to America, where chicken is battered and fried and gravy is light and tasty.

Paradigm, located on College Avenue and Duval Street, offers a taste of every continent at an American price. They offer, among other things. seafood dishes drinks and the atmosphere for the Tallahassee socialite without the socialite cash.

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