Tallahasse has professional limits

This is my third year living in Tallahassee. Don’t get me wrong, there are those few benefits by living here but then there are those many lackluster, small town disappointments. Milwaukee is where I claim home and considering it is a large city, adjusting to Tallahassee around-the-way atmosphere is something I am still getting used to.

Where I am from there are six malls and a few others on the outskirts of Wisconsin and Illinois. But here in Tallahassee I only get two choices on what to do on my Saturday afternoons.

A horrible transportation system is a problem not just here but throughout the south. For those that do not drive, buses stop running very early on the weekends, which is an inconvenience to citizens. I suggest the City of Tallahassee finds better and longer times for buses so students and citizens can get to work more efficiently.

It is not a complaint but there are entirely too many clubs in Tallahassee. There are just as many clubs than there are gas stations on every corner. I understand that Tally is a college town and there population caters to the college students more than any other.

I hope Tallahassee can expand and the people of the city will not being closed-minded and they will think outside the box and welcome new clientele and businesses within the city. And that brings to mind the city as a place to begin a career.

Unless, you want to work for the City of Tallahassee than there is no reason you or I should stay here in order to start a professional life. Tally does not have the outlets and connections than larger cities have, which can be a damper on the young career-seeking student.

Actually, Tallahassee is trying to make moves; recently some loft New-York style apartments were built downtown. The apartments are expensive and will hopefully attract the high-rolling people to the city. Luckily, there are lots of people from the New Orleans and Mississippi area looking for homes around these parts.

It may be pointless to even complain about the living of Tallahassee because it will always probably be a college town with small-minded people in it. All I and many other people can do is hope. Since there are lots of people all around America coming in, this may mean that Tallahassee can expand its horizons.

Nyerere Davidson is a junior public relations student from Milwaukee. He can be reached at Nyejournal@hotmail.com.