School pride taken too far

Hooray, hooray, the Rattlers won their first game of the season by defeating the Howard Bison 33-20.

But for some odd reason, I couldn’t rejoice like some of the other Rattler faithful. As I drove home exhausted, I was thinking. Yes, I was doing some thinking, a rarity indeed.

I was shocked to see our student body reacting in such a manner that can be closely compared to an angry mob. Oh, don’t act like you don’t know now!

I’m talking about the bottle throwing from the stands and spectators jumping over the guardrail to get on the field.

In Monday’s Famuan, head drum major Shaun West was quoted with saying, it was a lack of respect by the Howard football team.

My question is, how? NCAA rules give each team the last four minutes of half-time to stretch themselves before the start of the second half. And looking at the photo from Monday’s paper, the clock read 3:35 left before the beginning of the second half. If you didn’t see Monday’s paper, it’s online; look at it, you’ll see it.

It seems to me that we have our priorities mixed up. It’s sheer ignorance to have an altercation because someone walked through your line.

It’s disrespectful, but we’re supposed to be educated individuals with ideas to resolve such occurrences without a violent outburst.

You know what? This type of occurrence was bound to happen. How Serge? How was this bound to happen? The whole thing could be traced back to the basketball games.

Think really hard, but don’t hurt yourself too much. Is it me or does the strike team use the reference for a female dog when a player from the opposing team sits down.

Left, right, left, right… sit down B***h. That phrase is a little too disrespectful to parents with little children who come to see the FAMU basketball games.

It’s good to know you guys care about your school, but sometimes we can take school spirit a bit too far.

Now, what if you would’ve found your self being arrested for assault with the intent to cause bodily harm? What would you have said to your parents?

Brief dramatization:

Child: Hey mom, I got arrested.

Mom: For what?

Child: For protecting the band at the football game.

Mom: I didn’t send you to school to protect no band; I sent you to school to learn and do something with yourself.

Shoot, like we need more negative attention brought upon the University.

If this occurrence were to take place while ESPNU was filming, the whole nation would have seen a display of utter ignorance.

I can’t agree with the actions of the Howard University football team, but I do understand.

Though, neither side is blameless in this matter. FAMU’s student section did not help matters by intensifying the situation.

The bottom line is this; showcasing ignorance does not heighten school sprits. All it does is make it very difficult to host games. This year we have 4 home games, and next year, think about it, we may have less.

Serge Beaubrun is a senior broadcast journalism student from Miami. He can be reached at