Hysteria at Halftime

The FAMU Rattlers’ first win this season was overshadowed by a scuffle that broke out between football players from Howard University and the Marching 100 at Bragg Stadium Saturday night.

According to Dr. Julian White, Director of the Marching 100, there was nearly four minutes left on the clock when the band was finishing their performance. Dr. White was standing in the end zone when he saw some members of the Howard football team cut through the bands’ formation.

“I said I should get over there because this could be a problem.” White said.

On his way over to the band, White says he was pushed. He also heard members of the band and the Howard football team exchanging words.

“I heard band members telling them to get off the field, and some Howard players were using expletives.”

A brief altercation then ensued, and several spectators hopped over the protective railing onto the field.

As police officers attempted to gain control of the situation, some spectators began throwing bottles onto the field.

Game officials later made the decision to have the teams switch sides to avoid further conflicts, and several Howard fans who were sitting in the student side of the stadium were relocated.

Shaun West, head drum major for the Marching 100 said the band does not advocate violence or stand for unruliness and Saturday’s scuffle was due to a lack of respect.

“Last night the incident was sparked by the rudeness and lack of integrity by the Howard football team. They really displayed a horrible show of conduct on their behalf and provoked the band members.”