New students may help bring a spark to university and campus

As the news of Hurricane Katrina dies down and people are being rescued, America seems to have learned to love again.

The notorious Florida A&M University has shown, although intrapersonal issues dwell, that as a school we are able to help others in need.

Many students have transferred to the campus from Mississippi and Louisiana hoping to gain an alternate education at ‘the hill.’

To fellow Rattlers and members of the FAMU administration, now is the most important time than ever that we cease all chaos and turmoil.

This is the opportunity for us to begin a new legacy with the new additions to FAMU and show that we are not what critics may call an incompetent and uncaring university. Perhaps the infusion of new students will produce another crop of young leaders, eaching bring his or her own assets that will serve both the student body and the university as a whole. It is time to rebuild our reputation and restore our place back on the HBCU radar, and this new group of studentsmay be able to assist in that plight.

It’s unfortunate that it takes a tragedy to work a miracle on our campus but maybe it is a sign that we can make progress as a university.

Members of the financial aid office, registrar and student accounts have extended extra time in helping victims of the hurricane and hopefully their hands continue to reach to those here on our campus.

This is a school with excellent programs of business, pharmacy, journalism and engineering and we need to show that we are proud of it. We have already made progresses like the new journalism and graphic communication building and the message board in front of the cafeteria. We just need to continue up the improvement ladder. The caliber of this university’s students can not be questoned and now it’s time for FAMU to stay on the right path.toward success.