Misconceptions of Masons are unfounded

Contrary to what most people think they already know about masons; I’ve come to find out that the record needs to be set straight.

Many believe that the Fraternal Order of Masons revolves around satanic practices and witchcraft and it involves brainwashing men, but that certainly isn’t what masonry is about.

The purpose of this organization is to uplift men and help them to achieve their full potential. The organization is about brotherhood, community service, and mentoring young men in the community.

We as masons pledge our oath to brotherhood for life because the fact is masonry never dies; it’s always rebirth, even until death. For if you ask, ” Am I my brother’s keeper?” we reply yes!

Although Anti-Masonic Parties blast masonry and consider it that of the devil, masons serve as leaders into today’s society whether it’s raising money for churches, doing clothing drives for the needy or providing cornerstone laying across town.

We serve a great deal in the community of Tallahassee and the world. For example, Excelsior Lodge #754, Sons of Solomon Lodge #357 and Agape Lodge are some of many young men ranging from ages 19 to 30-years-old. These lodges have a positive presence at FAMU. In the wake of the crises in Louisiana and Mississippi, masons have taken the initiative to help mankind and to volunteer time and services.

Many say masons are holy and should refrain from doing things of the world such as sin, but indeed we are human, which entitles us to make mistakes.

Personally, looking from the inside of the organization, I am proud to be a member of Sons of Solomon Lodge #357 AF&AM, and the order, for it’s not just a six-week or so process but it’s a life lesson that teaches other life lessons.

No, we don’t have any letters or any fancy calls, but one thing we do have is true brotherhood that’s only a sign away. So before you assume the bad about masonry, you need to know the facts.

Renardo Tucker is a 5th year nursing student from Jacksonville. You can contact him at famuanopinons@hotmail.com