Freshman deals with new life on the hill

In the eyes of a freshman everything is brand new.

Freshman year is full of first times and unbelievable memories.

The first two weeks have gone by in a flash, and I have felt every emotion there is.

First you are sad to be away from home, then you get scared because you don’t know what to expect, then you are having the time of your life with new friends, and then something breaks in your dorm or you miss an assignment and you are right back to where you started. All I can keep thinking is what next?

The first night sleeping in the dorm was scary and sad. I spent the whole night tossing and turning, not ever getting to sleep.

I spent the first day trying to convince myself to go out and talk to people other than my roommate.

Then comes the first time taking a shower. For girly-girls like me it was almost traumatic.

I spent about five minutes cleaning the shower before I even stepped into it. I was careful not to touch anything and I almost ran out of the bathroom when I was finished.

The good thing about being a freshman is everyone on campus has a party in your honor.

It’s so much fun to get out there and have funwithout anyone telling you what to do or when to come in the house. This is when I realized that I was making that transition into adulthood.

Something always has to go wrong, right? Well, my first freshman problem was no air conditioning.

To top it all off there was no hot water to take a shower and the basement flooded.

All these things just came tumbling down on me within a two-day period. It’s hard enough for a freshman to get used to not having the comforts of home much less not having the comforts of any indoor building.

After a while, the first football game was here.

It was amazing to see all the people in our school colors and the band perform.

As my freshman year continues, I’m sure I will make more memories to look back on and have more firsts to think about. I just can’t see myself going through as many emotions as I did the first two weeks of school.

Jaquan Watkins is freshman journalism student from Baltimore. You can contact her at