FAMU 100

As a member of the FAMU Marching 100 from 1964 -1968, please know that I, and a number of FAMU Band Alumni from the ’60s, are absolutely appalled that non-FAMU students have been allowed to masquerade as FAMU students in the 100. “Stunned” is, perhaps, a more accurate description of our reaction upon learning that current FAMU Band members have the temerity to be upset because non-FAMU students will no longer be allowed to travel with the Band. We sincerely believe these non-FAMU students should not be in the FAMU band at all. We do not care what other schools and colleges are doing. That is them. We are the FAMU 100, we had much higher standards. It’s a shame to see those standards crumble!

R.L. Ellis ’68 FAMU