Friday tradition set to return

Members of the student body gathered on the Set to socialize and be entertained as “Set Fridays” made their debut return Friday, Sept. 9.

In April, the Office of Student Union and Activities (OSUA) removed vendors from the Set. The vendors, along with all events hosted by student organizations, were relocated to the area between the bowling alley and the Rattlers Den.

Faculty complaints about the atmosphere “Set Fridays” created and the desire of Interim OSUA Director Mickey Clayton to bring more traffic to the Rattlers Den area led to the removal of the weekly gathering.

The removal upset many students who frequented the Set on Fridays.

SGA president Ramon Alexander and vice president Phillip Agnew made the effort to regain “Set Fridays” during the summer.

Alexander, a senior political science major from Tallahassee, and Agnew, a junior business administration student from Chicago, met with Interim President Castell V. Bryant, to push for the return to its original location.

Alexander and Agnew, 20, regained “Set Fridays,” but the return occurred with certain requirements by the administration.

Alexander said organizations and clubs can remain on the Set but the vendors must remain down in the Rattlers Den area.

“We do realize we aren’t going to agree with Dr. Bryant on everything she does at the University and that she isn’t going to agree on everything we do, but we have been working collectively together to serve the best interest of the student body. And we appreciate her for that,” Alexander said.

On Friday, 90.5 WANM entertained the students while celebrating the return of the Set’s atmosphere.

Sydney Gadd, a 21-year-old junior business administration student from Stockbridge, Ga. was excited about the return.

“I like that people are still coming to the Set. The purpose is still here: to meet people and organizations,” Gadd said.

The Set’s vibe was laid-back. Voices and sounds of music filled the air as students arrived to socialize pleased that “Set Fridays” had returned.

“I think it’s good because it brings the student body together,” said Landry Kanga, a senior accounting student from Cote D’Ivoire, West Africa.

Kanga said the occasion promotes networking and allows her to see students and friends who she might not see everyday.

While many students enjoyed the return of the gathering, some still missed the vendors’ presence.

“I don’t like how it is. They should’ve had the market out here like last year,” said Marcus Harper, a sophomore general education student from Atlanta.

Clayton explained the reason for the vendors remaining downstairs.

“It clears up room for students to have room to be able to relax and have space. It allows people down stairs to shop,” Clayton said.

The Interim OSUA director expressed his understanding of the importance of the Set and revealed future plans for the area.

“The Set is never dead. If you put everything in the courtyard, the Set is still the Set.

Students make the Set,” Clayton said.

He said OSUA is also ” trying to make the Set the focal point by trying to bring more eating establishments.”

“It’s a nice clean atmosphere,” Agnew said. “As long as the (the student body) is happy, I’m happy.”

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