Dermatology more than skin-deep

Proper Skin care, according to professionals, is essential for skin to perform at its best.

Freda Brown, of Origin Cosmetics, said facial cleansing is a basic for skin care. “Make sure you cleanse every day and night so your pores won’t clog and your skin will be healthy,” Brown said.

Brown, 33, added that cleansing was just a minimum. and should be followed by a tonic or toner, a liquid substance that helps skin receive the moisture. The process should end with a moisturizer to restore the moisture level.

There are certain precautions one should take before purchasing skin care materials.

“Make sure all products purchased are for your skin type and what you are treating,” Brown said.

The different skin types include dry, where skin produces dry patches; oily, recognized by a constant shine and combination and balanced mix of dry skin usually around the nose and oily around the forehead.

Letisha Bush, consultant with MAC Cosmetics, recommended that college students consider oil absorbing skin care treatments.

“Look for products with cucumber algae extract, because they soothe skin and help regulate the production of oil or sebum,” Bush said.

Bush, 21, also recommended a moisturizer that is oil controlled because ” it protects skin throughout the day and helps make up last a lot longer for those who wear it,” she said.

“The moisturizer should contain the quaternium/22 which regulates oil dispersion and keeps a shine away from the skin,” Bush said.

In addition to cleansing and moisturizing, there is also an extra step for the best skin care.

“A mask once a week to exfoliate, get rid of dryer skin and rejuvenate the skin, is good to do as well,” Bush said.

The products to maintain basic skin care can also be made from household products.

According to information posted on, a cleanser can be made from natural products such as coconut oil and water.

The website also recommended organic products such as seaweed, which stimulates circulation, helps eliminate the toxins that are embedded in the skin and makes skin smooth because of its high mineral count.

Students who use household products for skin care said they have great results.

“When I was younger and my face began to break out and my face care products stopped working because my skin became immune to them, my dad suggested I use egg whites as a mask to draw out all the impurities from my pores,” said Ronique Hall, a sophomore criminal justice student.

Hall adds that a healthy diet also helps to balance the skin.

“Staying hydrated, drinking lots of water and eating as healthy as possible always helps prevent breakouts too,” Hall said.

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