Bond Clinic insures student quality care

Bond Community Health Care Center is just around the corner from Florida A&M University and offers affordable health care to uninsured students.

Bond is located at 710 and 872 W. Orange Ave. Cynthia Harris, executive assistant for the clinic said, “Bond offers a full line of health care services and prescription assistance to uninsured patients, including students.”

Qualifying for Bond’s services is easy. If applying for medical attention, two forms of identification must be provided, information and patient history form completed and two pay stubs brought.

“If a student does not have any income, a letter stating the situation should be written and notarized,” said Harris.

Health care services at Bond are based on a sliding scale fee; meaning money paid is determined by income.

The minimum fee Bond charges a student is $15, and the maximum fee would vary depending on the services the student receives, an official said.

“Students should not hesitate in seeing a doctor when they are sick,” Harris said. “If you are not feeling well, seek medical attention no matter how minor it is, especially if it’s continuous.”

In order to prevent illnesses completely, Harris recommends that students get an annual checkup before leaving for college.

Harris’ advice for students who have health insurance is to verify coverage area of the health insurance to ensure coverage while away from home.

Ricquel Lewis, a senior public relations student from Oakland, Calif., has health insurance, but her insurance will not cover her in the state of Florida.

Lewis visited Bond during an illness and said her visit to the health care facility was pleasant. “I feel that they were sensitive to my needs as a student, they were willing to help me even though I was not insured, and they conducted themselves in a professional manner,” Lewis said.

Some of the services provided by Bond include:

* HIV/AIDS testing and counseling* Gynecological services* Family planning * Checkups and immunizations* STD screenings* Pregnancy and prenatal care* Nutritional counseling

For more information on the services provided by Bond, or to schedule an appointment call 576-4073.

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