Rattlers should fulfill their humane duties

As devoted Rattlers and Americans, it is pertinent that we give back to those less fortunate.

With the recent damage to Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama from Hurricane Katrina, our duties as Americans have risen to high levels. Although our own president has not stepped in and took the initiative, we can still serve to assist mankind and try to make a change.

The downside to this sudden Good Samaritan ideology is that it took a disaster like Hurricane Katrina for us to help the less fortunate.

Everyday thousands of people are left homeless and poverty-stricken but no one bends over backwards to help those in need.

People can put their pride on their shoulders and get a little dirty for the greater good of man.

For religious people, this disaster could be taken as a sign from God or whatever deity you place your trust to be more compassionate and helpful to others.

Even though we all hope that the U.S. Government and President Bush will use his resources to help these poor, defenseless and dying people of the Gulf Coast region get out of this third-world country-esque situation, we should use our personal resources to make things better.

It has been suggested that we as students and future leaders send food and clothing to the victims even after the crisis is over to continue to give to the less fortunate.

Let’s not let a disaster like this be a sign of our lack of compassion and willingness to give to others.