Optimism may be the key to success

The time of year has arrived for the incoming herd of students to return to the studious frame of mind. However, what are student’s attitudes toward class?

Will they be prepared to rise to the challenge that awaits them? For many, there is a daunting task awaiting them this semester, while others face a less challenging semester. It falls upon each student to face this year with an optimistic or pessimistic point of view.

Tiki Suarez, a professor in the School of Business and Industry, said that the most exciting part of her job is her students. She looks forward to teaching and interacting with her students.

Suarez said that as a teacher it is her responsibility to make sure that all of her students come to school thinking positively. She believes that with a positive mindset, her students can progress and become better students overall. In her classes she enforces positive thinking and giving students a chance to not only find a problem in a system, but to find a solution as well.

According to Suarez, “By having my students think positive, it has resulted in them having better class discussions, which ultimately bring forth the birth of new ideas.”

“Stay focused and take full advantage of the resources here at Florida A&M University. Don’t let yourself fall behind,” said Tiffany Council a sophomore pharmacy student from Atlanta.

Council, who is looking forward to returning to school, is quite positive about her upcoming classes. She says she wants to be more focused, but would still like to become a little more social.

Jonathan Gonzalez, a sophomore MBA student from Washington, D.C. said he is excited about returning to FAMU because he is optimistic in the business program.

Gonzalez also said that he believes other students can prosper in their collegiate experience by keeping their ‘symbolic’ glass half full instead of half empty.

Patricia Youmans, an English professor at FAMU, said that most of her student’s are prepared and eager to learn. Youmans stated that there are a select few students that are intimidated by english, but they are prepared for the challenge. She believes that a positive attitude overwhelms a negative one and says to all students, “Be tenacious and strive with diligence.”

Vitricia Chandler feels that this year is just another step closer to achieving her life accomplishment. Chandler, who is a sophomore healthcare management student from Miami, was also optimistic about what the new school year would have to offer. She wants to become more involved in her studies, but does not want to become a total bookworm, claiming that she will try and get out more this year. “Be thorough and don’t let your work pile up,” is her advice to upcoming freshman.

Adeleke Omitowoju, a senior business administration student from Atlanta is a member of the FAMU chapter of the NAACP, Presidential Ambassadors, is a co-founder of the One FAMU Association and has a very positive outlook on the upcoming school year. He believes that if the student body as a whole had a positive attitude, the school year would run smoother. He feels that students should be positive and optimistic because “optimism is the key to progression.”

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