While I agree with most of the points made in the article authored by Nyerere Davidson, I totally disagree with the statement that the overpayment of funds to students is the fault of FAMU and the debt should be paid by FAMU. While the overpayment was FAMU’s error each student should know what funds they should expect to receive and should not have spent the money. If they did spend the money unknowingly they were inform of the error and should have made arrangements to pay it back. If a bank deposits money into your account in error and they find the error they will require you by law to pay it back. The bottom line is the money is not yours. As an individual who graduated from FAMU before all of these students were born it hurts me to see these controversies plague the University but right is right. If you get something that does not belong to you give it back. That is a basic form of honesty that we all must abide by.