Student offers wisdom for young ladies on the hill

For the Ladies:

Freshman Year. Oh the memories. It was a great time filled with parties and events. I met so many new people. Separated from a few more people.

Nevertheless, I can safely say that I had an excellent freshman year.

Here are a couple of tips for the freshman ladies gracing the campus of FAMU.

As a senior business student, I have seen students fall into the same traps time after time. I know these traps can be avoided with the proper care and concern.

For example, students should not go out to parties during the week if they know they have an early class the next morning.

When hanging out, you have fun and forget about the responsibilities and obligations you have as a student.

Why forget about that 8:00 a.m. physics course that is hard enough without a hangover or sleep deprivation.

If you are the type of person who can socialize until the wee hours of the morning and still function properly the next day, then go ahead and have your fun.

This is not the case for the majority of students and thus I don’t recommend you try it.

Another tip to keep in mind to ensure your success as a FAMU freshman is that men are nice, men are cute, but men cannot always be trusted. In fact many of my friends are guys, but that’s only because they don’t disrespect me.

You may think he is being genuine, but you must be real with yourself.

Have self-confidence and self-respect to know that your body is a temple and should not be treated as trash.