One mistake after another leaves FAMU struggling

What is wrong with Florida A&M University and all of these off-the-wall decisions? It seems there is always some kind of drama prancing along the campus.

From financial aid to housing, these seem to all be constant nags for students. Recently, for the first time, male students were housed in Diamond Hall.

Traditionally an all-female dorm, Diamond Hall was home to many confused and angry freshman men.

Moreover, the FAMU Administration made both single and double rooms available in Paddyfote Hall and got rid of University Gardens Apartments as living options. The continued blind, save-money-quick schemes continue to backfire and force FAMU to make alternate choices and cause ruckus all around camps.

The FAMU Administration needs to realize that every decision, whether good or bad, has a consequence and affects every one on campus.

President Castell V. Bryant is doing a swell job in wrecking shop and getting rid of the dead wait on staff.

The FAMU Administration causes many problems that many students pay for in the end.

Excellence with caring stands as the motto for FAMU, but what aspect of the administration actually cares about the students.

If caring were a part of excellence then FAMU would care about the problems students face and would do anything to resolve them.

Unfortunately, the recent tragedies in Louisiana and Mississippi may force some college students to transfer to the Hill. This FAMU will have an up climb and a rise in problems.

Luckily, a new school year is upon us and that may mean good news for Florida A&M University.

A new beginning to the tumultuous previous year may be the remedy for our inflicted university.