Game Time

FAMU wide receiver Roosevelt Kiser has been named as one of the top 20 wide receivers in the NCAA Division I-AA rankings.

Kiser, a physical education major from Ft. Lauderdale, FL, is a junior in the classroom and on the field. He is said to be a leader of the team by Receivers Coach Charles Allen, who describes Kiser as one who “leads by example, not a very vocal guy on the field, but definitely a leader.”

Kiser confirmed these remarks by describing his style of leadership as being someone who leads his team simply by “always doing the right thing, on and off the field,” in his words, in other words providing a good example for his teammates to follow. Teammates agree and believe in his leadership.

“His best quality is that he is a very humble and modest individual, and his modesty helps him to succeed by always feeling the need for improvement,” says teammate Chris Daniels, a senior, history education major from Cincinnati, Oh, who is a running back on the FAMU football team.

Kiser is an incredibly talented receiver, however, according to teammates, you would never be able to tell off the field, as he is far from being an arrogant individual.

Kiser, who has been playing football since the age of seven, actually played quarterback all the way through his high school career, at Boyd Anderson High School, and did not play wide receiver until at the college level.

Switching positions at such an advanced level of competition is a feat in itself, making his dominance at the new position even more impressive and noteworthy.

He credits some of his success to outside sources and off-season training at Ben Preston’s Speed Camp, back in Ft. Lauderdale.

He has aspirations of pursuing a professional career after FAMU but is committed to putting his degree at the forefront of his priorities, and plans to succeed with his mentality that, “everything I do in life, I work hard and put my mind to.”

Combine that with his impressive record of accomplishments from the past season, which, according to, included 60 receptions, and team leading 872 receiving yards with eight touchdowns.

Kiser also had three games with 100 plus receiving yards and six games with 70 plus receiving yards.

With that type of attitude and proven work ethic, Roosevelt Kiser is sure to play a major role and lead the Rattlers to a successful season.

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