Financial aid really no aid at all

I choose to attend FAMU because I know that I can receive an adequate education with the motto “Excellence With Caring.” I believe that there is no perfect system, but we can certainly build on producing a more rewarding experience.

The administration in Financial Aid needs to strive to create a more effective way of assisting students.

The Financial Aid Department in any school is vital to the students as well as the institution. It is my understanding that it is one of this school’s main problems.

The lines are just horrendous. There are students like myself who have been standing in line for 5 to 6 hours and once you reach the desk your situation is still not resolved.

I’m frustrated with individuals that give you an information sheet or contact sheet and never return your call.

This tells me that we’re in an environment of dishonesty.

I Believe to better address the problem we need to create a system within other parts of the administration to send some of their workers to help assist in financial aid.

If we allow this problem to continue, it will only result in the perception that the school does not care about its student’s problems.

I have done what is expected of me, completed my information and as a result, I am still fighting to receive my money.

Why should I not have what I need because one particular unit of the school is lacking in resources and competence?

This school has 118 years of tradition and we owe it all of our efforts to keep that proud tradition alive.

When I look at FAMU, I see positive individuals making progress, so let’s continue to do so.

Remember that students are the backbone of every generation and what you teach them to be is what they will become.

I was thinking about just going back home, but then something came to mind.

If I stick around, this exper ence will give me an educatior in patience.