College career includes both ups and downs

It’s like high school but its worse, now you have to pay. If you haven’t taken notice your college career will probably be the most fun, but trying time of your life. In addition to stern professors, sky-rocketing tuition, and looking good on “the set” you do have to realize the reason you’re here. Your purpose is to receive some sort of degree and get all you can culturally out of the college experience at the same time. The question is, how do you balance it all?

Students and faculty both agree that the key is time management. Marcus Jones an Environmental Science major from Atlanta suggested that students should prioritize their classes. During the first week of classes it is best to go over your syllabus and begin reading ahead that way when you do go over it class it can be a review. Jones added that students should study 2 to 3 hours a day.

Studies are not your only worries on this campus financial aid could also set you back.

“When it comes to dealing with financial aid you should involve your parents,” said Jones “or else it will take longer to get any results”.

“Know your limitations, your going to learn a lot about yourself while you’re here” said E. Sherrod ,assistant professor of Dance Studies. It is best to get your work done before you go out to the club or on the set. If you want to be seen outside you need to be seen in the classroom also Sherrod said.

Get to know your professor and your peers; and form study groups to motivate you in the class that you don’t feel comfortable in said Eric Graddick, a senior music education major from Macon, Georgia.

Graddick, also a member of the band, finds it hard to balance time between practice, homework, socializing and sleep. He suggested that you should take advantage of the breaks between your classes, to do your work or catch up on some reading.

Keeping yourself organized by a schedule would keep you on track said Nikki Goldthreate, women’s tennis head coach. This way you never spend more time than you should on something.