Public service works for student

Former President Bill Clinton and Dean David Pryor have recently founded the new University of Arkansas Clinton School of Public Service in Little Rock. The school has been highly selective in choosing students for its inaugural class.

But one of FAMU’s very own, Malcom Glover, a graduating broadcast journalism student, is among the select few.

Glover, 22, said he initially came across the application after browsing a Web site designed for the new Clinton library that was opened in October. He noticed there was an opportunity to apply for a graduate program.

“I saw the link and everything about it peeked my interest,” Glover said.

The program offered everything he enjoyed learning about, from politics to international affairs and public service.

After the application was sent in, Glover waited to see if he was among the few chosen to be accepted into the program. The selection process was then narrowed to 75 applicants and then to 16 men and women after an extensive candidate review.

“Some of the questions were related to my application, others were about my family and my knowledge of Arkansas,” said the student from Maryland.

Overall, students were chosen by their accomplishments and their ability to succeed in the given field.

Glover had a variety of accomplishments to add to his résumé from FAMU. He is director of public relations in the University Honors Program and is currently developing a service project to aid the working poor in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

“College has always been a balance between school work and community service. There is so much community service to be done. I think that was definitely a factor in their final decision,” Glover said.

In order to announce the final selection, students were asked to accept their invitation first, before they released the names of the inaugural class.

The inaugural class is extremely diverse. The class consists of 16 students from all over the world. The ages range from 22-38.

Classes begin Aug. 22.

Starting in 2006, the school is planning on offering a 13-hour Certificate in Public Service.

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