Life’s puzzles pieced

Now what?

Sounds like a reasonable question for someone who plans on graduating college in the next few days to ask.

I’ve been asking myself that question for over a year.

Now that I have a pretty good idea that I won’t end up back in Fort Lauderdale using my journalism degree to sell car insurance, I’m still asking, “Now what?”

All the time I’ve been worrying about a job, responsibilities and how I was going to pay rent without a net check, I didn’t think about all I’d be leaving behind.

I almost cry every time I hear the “G” word.

I think “now what” when I realize I won’t see my roommate every day. I can’t count on her to make me laugh with her Alabama humor anymore or hand me a tissue at the exact moment I’m about to start bawling.

Now that my boyfriend will be states away, I’ll miss just going down the street to cry on his shoulder. Or tell him hello. I’m going to miss seeing his face.

Now that my favorite neighbor won’t be just across the hall to talk with me about life for hours and never seem bored.

Now that “Rache” is not a few blocks away to let me vent about all the things that are wrong with life.

Now that “Forty” won’t be around to remind me that the Eagles were robbed in the Super Bowl and offer me bad – I mean – excellent advice about men.

Now that I won’t see “S.Pat” and laugh at the million inside jokes we share.

Now that Detroit’s favorite gentle giant won’t be around to promise me that they’ll love me in Charlotte, N.C.

Now that when I finally see Tallahassee as a real city with real attributes, I have to leave it.

With all its faults, I really do feel FAMU has prepared me to face all the things I used to ask “Now what?” to.

I’m sure all the people I know and love will read this and say, “I’m not going anywhere. I’m just a phone call away.”

I intend to hold them to that.

Lindsay Pollard is a graduating magazine production student from Fort Lauderdale. She can be reached at