Four years of prayers, friendships

Well, what can I say… it has been a bumpy four years here on the Hill.

I have gained and lost so many friends from freshman year until now.

Let me send some thank yous to the people who have made my FAMU experience memorable.

I will start with my freshman year roommates: Arika, Erica, D.J. and Gina. We had our ups and downs, and you guys taught me so much about myself.

To my sisters and brothers in Christ: Josh, Troy, Thandi, Tekia, and Robyn M. I could not have made it without your prayers and strength. I know that you have been sending your prayers up, because His blessings have been coming down. I love you.

To all the faculty and staff from the School of Journalism and Graphic Communication, I appreciate everything you have done for me. There are too many of you to mention everyone but I have a few shout outs.

Dr. Mukes, thank you for being like a second father to me. To professors Blyden, K. Wilder, Dr. White, Uzzell and Rasheed, thanks for pushing me to my limits. Sometimes I did not know if I was going to make it.

Lastly, to The Famuan staff. I love you guys but I am glad to be leaving. I do not think anyone understands how much crap I have had to put up with, but I would not trade it for the world.

Marlon, Rahkia, Rachael, Garrison and even Naeemah, I will remember you always. To the 2004-2005 staff: B-Y, Nicky Nice Wit It, Ryan B., Anthony M. Diamond, Stephanie, Sidney and everyone else that I am forgetting to mention, I wish you well in your future endeavors. Do not let anything stop you or your dreams.

Oh let me not forget Russ and Johndel for moving my furniture last semester-thanks guys!

To my parents: Mom and dad thanks for everything.

Daddy, I wish more men could be like you. You have made it hard for me to find the perfect man because none of them can measure up to the way you treat mom. You have shown me how real men treat women and I love you for that.

Even though FAMU has had its share of financial, parking, and customer service… problems, I am proud to say that I am a Rattler for life!

I’m out.

Crystal M. Mitchell is a graduating senior graphic design student from Orange Park. She can be reached at