Where is excellence, caring?

I’m seeking some form of assistance for students such as myself who at some point in time fell off the road of knowing his or her purpose from coming to FAMU. I feel as though FAMU has failed to reach out and motivate those who have fallen short of having a drive to succeed or, better yet, to have something to succeed at. Where are the issues at heart to help FAMU help students more in any aspect possible by reaching back? You know, like NO STUDENT LEFT BEHIND.

Tomasa Jacksonjackierollem@yahoo.com

Students shouldn’t have to ‘sacrifice’ to eat in dining hall

I am highly bothered by the introduction of a dress code for access to the Presidential Dining Room. It is my understanding that the dining hall opened up to equivalency users because they didn’t have a lot of business. So why is it that when the students begin to come, you want to run them away? And if the reason students were banned from the dining hall was due to disruptive behavior, wouldn’t it make more sense to implement a conduct policy?

I strongly disagree with James Bland in the article, “Dining Hall Introduces Dress Code” in the April 8 issue when he says, “If a person wants to enjoy the privileges of the dining room, they are going to have to sacrifice.” Well let me explain something, as long everyone who eats there is paying to eat there, money should be the one and only sacrifice.