Some students miss ‘Set Fridays’

It has been more than a week since “Set Friday’s” officially ended and the vendors were moved down to the Rattler’s Den.

In an April 8 article in The Famuan, the interim director of the Office of Student Union and Activities Mickey Clayton said the decision was made to move the popular tradition due to faculty complaints about the noise that “Set Fridays” creates.

The same day that the article was printed, the vendors were moved to the much smaller space between the Rattler’s Den and Gallimore Lanes Bowling Alley.

The move may have satisfied faculty members who complained of disruptions. However, many students are not happy about the change.

“I don’t like the idea of it, it just doesn’t feel the same,” said Edwin Blakley, 18, a music education student from Atlanta.

“It feels more condensed where the Set is more open. I would much rather be on the Set.”

The space crunch is why some students who used to purchase items on the Set are now choosing to avoid the Rattler’s Den.

“I almost felt claustrophobic when I walked down there,” said Denise Lee, a junior business administration student from Orlando. “There’s just not enough room. People are all bunched together.”

Clayton said vendors did not always sell items on the Set.

“When FAMU Fridays started, the event was held near the Rattler’s Den, but as the Set became more of a popular spot with students, the Office of Student Activities decided to move the market there,” he said

Although some students don’t agree with the change, there are some who are glad the OSUA decided to make the move.

“I agree with Student Activities,” said Eric Bayard, 19, a pharmacy student from Miami. “I like the fact that you don’t have to fight through crowds of people to check your mail on Fridays anymore.”

According to officials in the OSUA, the move was made to help promote more business for Gallimore Lanes.

Even though the vendors have been moved off the Set, it is still not completely empty.

“I still go to the Set on Fridays,” Bayard said. “There’s more room to just hang out and chill with your friends. I like it that way.”

Right now, there are no plans to replace “Set Fridays” with any other event on the Set.

According to the student senate, there are no plans at this point to repeal the decision, and get “Set Fridays” moved back to the Set.

Blakely said he thinks the senators should get involved, even if it means taking their fight to the top.

“Whatever needs to be done to get “Set Fridays” moved back (to the Set) needs to be done,” Blakely said.

“I don’t like the Set being in the Rattler’s Den. Even if getting it moved means talking to the president, they should just get it done.”

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