Senate needs unified voice

In the senate meeting, SGA Chief Justice Jason Hurst said the judicial branch is holding a trial concerning the senate elections to ensure the elections were valid.

If the senate decides that the elections are invalid then they will have another election. This would be the third time the senate has held elections.

This all started when Brittani King decided to protest the process used for the absentee ballots. King was also responsible for the move to impeach former SGA President Larry O. Rivers.

Candice Elliot was voted the senate president-elect during the second election by one vote and Keon Hardemon won the first election by one vote.

This is ridiculous! If the senate cannot handle its internal affairs, how does it intend to properly serve the student body?

It is a waste of time to continue to prolong this situation. There is much more for the senate to deal with than re-re-electing the senate president.

Now, what is the reason for having more elections if the student body was satisfied with the first results?

Like all organizations, the senate has its share of internal problems.

However, the senate has the duty of serving the student body of FAMU to the best of its ability. It cannot afford to have as many internal affairs, personal or otherwise.

New pope’s age

a major concern

Millions of people rejoiced worldwide as Pope John Paul II’s successor was named Tuesday evening Rome time.

The thousands gathered in St. Peter’s Square were excited to have a new 78-year-old leader in Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, who will be known as Pope Benedict XVI.

But Ratzinger will be coming behind John Paul’s 26-year legacy and at his age, can he expect his term to last as long?

As Ratzinger greeted the crowd, he seemed feeble and spoke between very calculated breaths. With that said, he did not appear like a man who could withstand 26 years leading the Catholic Church.

Considering the issues that the late pope faced in the 21st century, why didn’t the cardinals consider the longevity of the next pope when making their decision. At 78, Ratzinger is the oldest pope to be elected out of the last seven popes, according to the Knight Ridder Tribune News Services.

Although Ratzinger’s has a wealth of experience in the College of Cardinals, how long will he be able to serve the church? This is a question that should have been considered before the decision was made.