Fighting to be the leader of the Rattlers

There will be two men contending for the starting quarterback position this year.

Josh Driscoll, 23, a senior physical education student from Fort Smith, Ark., is one of the men fighting for the teams’ top leadership role.

Driscoll has been on the team as a backup quarterback for three years.

“Josh is a real fine quarterback. He has great size and an excellent arm,” said Head Coach Billy Joe.

Driscoll said that his commitment to the team has made him a better man as well.

“Football makes me feel good inside and out. I believe that it teaches us discipline.”

Driscoll has admitted that it does get tough trying to balance football, school and a social life, but he knows that the outcome will be worth it in the end.

“It does get hard. There are a lot of late nights, as well as a lot of nights of not sleeping, but you just have to balance it,” said the 6-foot-2-inch athlete.

Josh Driscoll has his eyes set on the prize. His goals for the 2005 season are to lead the MEAC Conference in completion percentage, and to lead his team to the MEAC Conference Championship.

“I definitely plan to step up and be a leader for my whole team this season. I would love to get a Black Conference ring,” said Driscoll

Another man who hopes to take FAMU to the next level is sophomore Albert Chester, 19, a pharmacy student from Jacksonville.

Chester has played with the Rattlers for the last three years.

In his time with the Rattler football squad he has substituted for Ben Dougherty as well as Josh Driscoll.

“Albert Chester has great athleticism. He has the ability to be elusive,” Joe said.

Chester is aware of all the demands and responsibilities that come with the starting quarterback position.

Driscoll said that he is still looking forward to the challenge, and will work to make the most of the opportunity to start for the Rattlers.

“I am excited. I would definitely enjoy the moment,” said the 5-foot-11-inch competitor. “My plan for the season is to allow all of the playmakers to touch the ball, and to just simply go for play.”

Chester, said the song “Motivation,” by rapper T.I. best describes him, as he hopes to be a great leader for the rest of the team.

“Over the summer, I hope that everyone will stay in shape during our off season. I also want everyone to just gain knowledge and stay motivated for what’s to come,” Chester said.

Chester, a lover of jazz music and oldies, agrees with Driscoll about balancing your time properly.

“You have to have really good time management skills. One thing that can suffer is your social life, but that can be put on hold,” Chester said. “It’s tough to balance at times, but I think there is enough time to do a lot of things.”

For Chester, the field is a great place for him to be free.

“It is therapeutic to me. On the field you can get away from everything in real life, and just lose yourself in the game.”

Chester is ready for whatever may lie in the days ahead. He said that he lives by the motto: Work when others do not to have what others want.

He is confident that the team will be great no matter who wins the starting quarterback position.

Aubrey Parrish, a wide receiver for the team feels that both athletes bring good qualities to the table.

“Josh brings calmness and experience, whereas Chester brings excitement and athleticism,” Parrish said.

Last year’s starting quarterback, Ben Dougherty agrees.

“Both are tremendous athletes, and I know that they are going to have a lot of greatness to bring to FAMU,” Dougherty said. “They are not only great football players, but great people overall. My advice to them is to know that as a quarterback, you are a leader of a team. Make sure you are the hardest you can be on the field.”

The decision of which competitor will become FAMU’s 2005 quarterback will be made over the summer.

“Both will be given the opportunity to vie for the starting position the first weekend in summer camp,” Joe said. “May the best man win.”

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