Faculty jeopardizes purpose of the Set

Recently, the faculty complained about the excessive noise that Fridays on The Set produced.

In response, the administration moved the Set action and the vendors to in front of the Rattlers Den. But this action has diminished student fun and the Set tradition.

It is funny how the faculty tries to take away the few things that students enjoy. If it isn’t eating in the President’s Dining Room, it’s moving the Set to a new location.

The faculty should not have the right to move the Set anywhere. Besides its importance to the students, the Set is where vendors come to showcase and sell their crafts.

Moving the Set near Gallimore Lanes seems like more of a fire hazard than a noise deterrent.

The Set is a place where students spend time enjoying each other in a mostly peaceful environment. Organizations come together and calls are heard from across the vastness of the yard.

Potential Rattlers who visit the Set are persuaded by this atmosphere to attend FAMU and that is what Set Fridays are all about.

Moving all the action that the Set is known for to somewhere else has taken away from the Set experience and what little fun students are offered in Tallahassee after a week of classes.

FAMU/FSU faculty need to work together

Since 1992, Florida A&M University professors have utilized the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory located in Tallahassee’s Innovation Park. Now it’s time for them to pay up or get out.

According to an article in Tuesday’s Tallahassee Democrat, several members of FAMU’s physics department were given an eviction notice from the Florida State University facility, unless the two institutions work out an agreement.

Although the lab space was given to FAMU temporarily until the University built its own physics lab, the professors were reportedly “harassed” by lab employees to leave the facility.

Technically, FSU owns the facility, and can demand rent. But the question is why now?

The most appropriate solution for the issue is to write a formal statement to the professors, not change the locks and make no formal contact.

The decision to request rent is an inconsiderate move. And the tension between the FAMU professors and the NHMFL faculty will only strengthen if an agreement is not made.