Facing no.1 killer of blacks

All women beware.

There is a new player on the loose, and he is bringing more flavor than ever.

The one and only true player is HIV. This player is leaving a permanent mark with women. He is leaving them with AIDS.

Young women, and especially women of color, are disproportionately infected with HIV.

Female adolescents ages 10-19 and young adult women ages 20-24 are at a higher risk of HIV/AIDS infections due to risky behavior.

If you feel as though you may have been exposed to HIV or even if you and your partner feel that you are ready to have sex, it’s time to get tested.

These HIV tests are kept completely confidential. Students can go to the FAMU clinic, the Bond Medical Center, their family doctor or any number of health practioners around town.

Keep in mind that getting tested one time may not show that your body has developed the HIV antibodies.

It is recommended that you should get a second test three to six months after the first to make sure that you are definitely HIV negative.

Black women need to stop putting themselves in life or death situations and get tested.

Even if it means going with your partner or making it a date, but please get tested and make safe decisions.

The death rate of black females is 27 times higher than white females.

HIV/AIDS is the leading cause of death for blacks ages 25-44 years.

AIDS is a worldwide epidemic that is killing off the black community, and it will continue to progress until we decide to protect ourselves and become educated about the problem.

Ladies, the numbers don’t lie. So if your partner is not safe with you, do you think he was safe with the woman before you? It’s time to wise up and encourage the players to strap up!