The Dog Boys, who are they?

please edit where needed!!!The Dog Boys, who are they?By: Dr. J. Alva Scruggsjscru5750@aol.com This year I have been provided a first hand view by some white conucelors at a local high school of what is happening to Black Boys as they try to participate in our institutions. There is a clear importance of the group called, “The Dog Boys.” Let me describe their the characteristics of these “Throw-away-Black-Boys!!”. I wrote this because I wanted by son to see himself through the eyes of his indtructors. First there his dress, which was the same as his claee mates. They wear pants with the crotch down to their knees; their belts are two sizes too big and is never pulled tight enough to hold up their pants. Therefore, they are constantly pulling up their pants as they are consistently falling down. They wear shirts that are a size too large and therefore, hang on their shoulders with great difficulty. They wear caps that are always on backwards. The sneakers they ware are expensive (Air Jordan’s (or something comparable). But they refuse to wear any socks. Now for the identifying speech When meeting they say, “wat-sup-dooog,” while their lounge is sticking out of their mouths as if they had a bitter taste. The dialogue continues, “Dog this and Dog that. Dog, where is you at. Dog, where I wuz. Dog, that my bad, Dog, that my good, Dog, that my speed”. . . and so on it goes. They are full of phases, but no sentences nor paragraphs. These are our “Chicken-head Black boyz.” We made them and this is the way these councelors saw and treated them.. The institutions tolerate this as long as it does not disrupt the education activities of the other students. Teachers say, “Look at those people. Not a brain in their heads. I had him in my class last marking period. He is a polite, good boy but he has no clue as to why he is here are where he is going.” On-lookers say, “They run in “Packs” not clicks. So there are these “Dog Boyz k9 packs.” Like k9 packs Black Dog Boyz are thought to be stalking others. If the Dog Boyz are too active they are provided “Ritalin” or “Prozac” They are officially labeled ass having “Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and treated as “Educationally Challenged/dumb” forever. That is the status of Black boys today. They have to survive in the world of the “Dog Boys” and some how get the lessons of the real straight institutions. Most of the time they miss the school lessons and come out of grade school with a certificate of completion and a “glad” hand shake from the smiling principal and teachers. These Black boys are profiled, labeled as “Schooling While Black (SWB). ” When a Black parent goes to the school to inquire about their Black male child’s education they are told by the teacher, “He is a good boy, He has good manners, and a joy to work with. Yes, he works very hard.” In reality you are told that at time his grade Point Average is 0.5. So if he is so good and hard working he must be inherently dumb, academically challenged. Be happy, at least he lives. But standing there is your “Chicken-headed Dog Boy” grinning and shuffling his feet in those $200.00 sneakers taking his Ritalin that you consented to have him take!!. Where does a parent go from here?? In a small telephone survey conducted by this author three schools were called in a Florida school district. The question was asked; 1. Do you have children in your school who use Ritalin or Prozac? All three schools answered, yes. 2. How many do you have and what is the racial and gender count? ans.: school #1 thirteen, twelve Black boys and one white girl. school #2. eight Black boys and tqo white girls. school #3. nine Black boys, one white boy an one white girl. How are they place on the drugs? answer. The teacher, a counselor and a doctor has to agree and the parent signs the agreement. A check list t is used as a facilitating document. As you can see approximately %90 of all children on these ADD treatments are Black males!! In the end they, our “Dog-Boys” have to get conventional employment to take care of families. They have no skills and the Dog Boyz days are all behind them. They try to get employment and are turned back at every turn. They try to take something and they are arrested at each try. They spend their time in jail and when out they have another strike. They have a criminal record a further obstacle to employment. They take something again and are back in prison lickety-split!! They are the throwaway Dog Boy of Black people!! The greatest tragedy is that this Black histruy never gets to our children and, therefore, they can never understand why they need to change!!