A Taste of foreign flavor

Tallahassee may be a small city, but restaurant goers can experience a taste of international cuisines without leaving town.

People enjoy going out to eat and there is a lot to choose from in the capital city.

Besides the commercial restaurants that are in every city there are eateries that offer an unforgettable experience.

Not many students can travel outside of the country and try foods from other cultures. Foreign cuisine restaurants cater to a person’s needs minutes away from he or her home.

Chez Pierre has been serving French cuisine since 1976.

It is not the typical French style of cooking rather, it has a little Southern American style.

Co-owner Eric Favier and his wife Karen P. Cooley said they were motivated to take over the business 14 years ago since they both enjoyed the atmosphere and the hospitality they received when they ate there.

Chez Pierre is located on Thomasville Road. The atmosphere is very welcoming and the servants greet you in French.

A mature crowd of young professionals are generally the most frequent visitors.

The floor plan is different for every part of the restaurant. Some rooms are more intimate and more sophisticated than others.

Customers can also enjoy their meal in the sun on the patio, porch or lawn.

“We get a lot of banquets, business meetings, and people bring guests from out of town,” Favier said.

Chez Pierre may seem expensive but their prices will not break your pockets.

“The name sounds expensive but it is not,” Favier said. “The prices are like the prices at the Outback Steakhouse.”

The most popular dish is the crepe poulet, which is chicken smothered in a French sauce. You will only pay $7.50 for this entrée.

Chez Pierre also offers an event called Friday night music on the lawn.

Professional Jazz and Blues musicians entertain the guests every Friday from 7-11 p.m.

Tallahassee also has several Italian restaurants. Little Italy Restaurant & Lounge is a great place to go for intimacy.

Little Italy is nestled in the Winn Dixie plaza on Magnolia Drive.

The owner, Enver Sulollari, decided to open his business about 20 years ago.

Sulollari’s customers range from all ages and social standings.

“I cater to any person,” Sulollari said. “I have all types of customers: kids, lawyers and lobbyists.”

Compared to other Italian restaurants in Tallahassee, Sulollari said he feels that his business attracts more middle-class people.

The restaurant is not upscale, but guests will still enjoy an excellent meal.

According to a customer who asked not to be named, Little Italy has, “Great service,” and is a “quiet place to enjoy dinner for one or sit with a friend over a glass of wine.”

Similar to Chez Pierre, Little Italy has tables set up outside in a courtyard area.

Most people order pasta or pizza. However, German, Irish and American dishes are also served. For those lovers of Mexican food, El Chico Mexican Restaurant offers authentic entrées made with original recipes dated back to the 1940s.

“Food is made here, everything is fresh,” said the kitchen manager, Carol Cooksey.

The restaurant started in 1942 and it caters to anyone who enjoys Mexican flavor.

Nicole Boone, a second-year business administration student from Dayton, Ohio, remembers eating at El Chico on Valentine’s Day.

Boone said that the atmosphere was, “laid back, casual, not what I expected,” Boone said. “It looks nicer on the outside than it really is.”

Sometimes the look on the outside does not fit the look on the inside. But always try to have an open mind.

She said that the food wasn’t the greatest, but she still had a good time and she would give the restaurant another try.

Eating out has become a great event. Not only can you eat but you can have fun doing so.

If you feel like eating and dancing then maybe Atlantis Club & Grill on South Monroe Street can accommodate you.

Being the only dance and dinner restaurant in Tallahassee, it offers Greek cuisine and Latin dance classes.

Eating at a place that offers good food can shed some light on a rainy day or make an occasion extra special. Step away from the norm and be different!!!!!

Try to learn about all kinds of food from all over the world.

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