SGA loses dedicated mentor

Delores Dupont-Randolph, known to many as “Lady Du,” died Sunday morning after a battle with cancer.

Dupont served as the administrative assistant of the FAMU Student Government Association.

Dupont began working at the University in 1977. She worked in various departments, including the Registrar’s Office, Special Programs and Services, and the financial aid office.

Saundra Inge, associate director of the Office of Student Union and Activities, remembered working the night shift with Dupont in the financial aid office during their earlier years at FAMU.

“We called ourselves the nightshift and we also worked on weekends. There was nothing too big or too small to ask [her] to do,” Inge said.

Dupont also began seeking a degree in office administration while working at the University.

When she worked in the Registrar’s Office, Dupont had the duty of calling out the names of students as they crossed the stage at graduation.

“Her pronunciation of the students’ names received rave reviews,” Inge said.

Inge said the nickname “Lady Du” was given to Dupont by Gussie Bruce, administrative assistant to then Vice President of Student Affairs Richard Flamer.

“Bruce often inferred that like Lady Diana who was of a special class, ‘Lady Du’ was in a special class of her own,” Inge said.

While working in the financial aid office in 1986, she also began working as the office manger in SGA.

Dupont later became the administrative assistant of SGA, the position she held until her passing.

Ramon Alexander, Senate president and SGA president-elect, said members of SGA still considered her the office manager because she ran the day-to-day operations of SGA.

“She was very straightforward,” said Alexander, 20, a political science student from Tallahassee. “When she spoke, she meant business, and when she made a commitment, she truly cared.”

“It was one of the best experiences of my life,” Alexander said about working with Dupont. “It was also one of the best learning experiences of my life because of her passion and commitment to making a better FAMU.”

“She did everything for them,” Inge said. “She took care of so much (regarding) rules and regulations, statutes, planning events, shopping and travel.”

Dupont was responsible for the set-up and break-down process of special events including Rattlermania, the Homecoming Barbecue and Be Out Day.

Dupont took leave from the SGA office in January when she was diagnosed with cancer in her stomach area.

Inge said Dupont’s presence was so strong that many of the vendors at this year’s Be Out Day noticed her absence.

“(Some students) said tell Ms. Delores we missed her,” Inge said.

Dupont’s absence has affected many of the students in SGA.

“I will really miss her,” said David Holloway-Boyd. He said Dupont gave him the opportunity to further his skills as a staff assistant for SGA.

“SGA is Ms. Lamb and Ms. Du,” said SGA Vice President Keneisha Grant. “With just Ms. Lamb here, it was like something was missing.”

Grant remembered the atmosphere in the office when Dupont was there.

“It was hilarious, she was honest, friendly and caring. She was like our mother away from home,” she said.

“I couldn’t imagine graduating, getting married and having children and not being able to come back and see Ms. Du,” Grant added.

Inge said an on-campus memorial service will take place Thursday at 3:30 p.m. in Lee Hall.

Funeral services for Dupont will be held at 11 a.m. Saturday at Bethel A.M.E Church.

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