OSUA head presents new plans

Mickey Clayton, interim director for the Office of Student Union Activities, began working the office on March 28.

Interim President Castell Bryant appointed Clayton, a former general studies employee, to the position a few weeks after former Student Activities Director Alice Mathis was suspended with pay.

Clayton may be new to the office, but he said he had to hit the ground running.

“Be Out Day” came along less than a week after he took office, and Spring Commencement is a little under three weeks away.

“You come in and you’re riding the bull off the bat,” Clayton said. “You either ride or you fall off.”

Another one of Clayton’s projects is a lock-in weekend that he has planned for the Friday through the Monday before finals week. Clayton said that some of the faculty members from general studies will help tutor students, but he will make more calls and send more e-mails to get more volunteers.

Junior Sen. Torey Alston, 20, met the interim director when he spoke at last week’s senate meeting, and he liked what he saw. Alston expects to see more from Clayton as his time in office progresses.

“I’m glad to see new leadership and stability come to the office,” said the business administration student from Fort Lauderdale.

“The University doesn’t stop April 29, It still runs during the summer.”

One thing Alston liked was the “detailed plan” Clayton presented at the senate meeting.

“I’m looking forward to seeing great improvement,” Alston said. “There’s a lot of potential with this position.”

Clayton said he would not speak on certain activities until more planning has been done because he doesn’t want disappointment if some of the goals cannot be accomplished.

SGA President-elect, Ramon Alexander, 20, identifies with Clayton when it comes to stepping into new positions.

“I feel the same as anyone coming into a fragile position,” said Alexander, a junior political science student from Tallahassee.

Alexander said that he and Clayton might not always agree, but he cannot wait to work with Clayton next year.

Alexander notes that Clayton has an open door policy, which will better benefit FAMU students and employees.

“He’s optimistic about serving the student body,” Alexander said.

No matter what Clayton’s plans are, Alexander expects what he expects from everyone else at FAMU: loyal service.

“I expect a commitment and a will to serve the student body,” Alexander said.

“Whether you are a janitor or president of the University, you’re here to serve FAMU.”

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